Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am back on Etsy

My dear friends,
last year was full of surprises and discoveries and sometimes, things go too fast and so I lost a lot of energy trying to catch up. My Etsy shop closed for a few month because I was not able to keep up with my orders. Now I am back and I hope, this time it will last. I have made friends with so wonderful people in this time, I ever wanted to come back - you are part of my inspiration.

My new shop is named CaraMagicGlass for some reason. After my dog Lennox dies this may, we decided to give a new one a chance of being safe and loved. This dog was Cara. Her life began five years ago in an Canili. She is a dream of a dog - simply a wonder. But her eyes are often sad, shes afraid of so many things I cant count and now she discovers a world in which she had no place for her whole life. Its getting better day by day and bit by bit. She is safe now. But she is one beautiful clever unique dog of thousands who die day by day, mistreated and forgotten.
This world can be such a beautiful place and pure hell at the same time. I am working to make it a better place every day with every single word or action. So some of my new shop creations are made only to sponsor animal and environmental protection.

Cara in Sgurola:

Cara in safety: