Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I am back on Etsy

My dear friends,
last year was full of surprises and discoveries and sometimes, things go too fast and so I lost a lot of energy trying to catch up. My Etsy shop closed for a few month because I was not able to keep up with my orders. Now I am back and I hope, this time it will last. I have made friends with so wonderful people in this time, I ever wanted to come back - you are part of my inspiration.

My new shop is named CaraMagicGlass for some reason. After my dog Lennox dies this may, we decided to give a new one a chance of being safe and loved. This dog was Cara. Her life began five years ago in an Canili. She is a dream of a dog - simply a wonder. But her eyes are often sad, shes afraid of so many things I cant count and now she discovers a world in which she had no place for her whole life. Its getting better day by day and bit by bit. She is safe now. But she is one beautiful clever unique dog of thousands who die day by day, mistreated and forgotten.
This world can be such a beautiful place and pure hell at the same time. I am working to make it a better place every day with every single word or action. So some of my new shop creations are made only to sponsor animal and environmental protection.

Cara in Sgurola:

Cara in safety:

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kids and Glass

This is my passion - working with the kids. Let them discover the unusual ways of the hot meltig glass. And as you can see, they are burning with enthusiasm.

These pictures are from Art Station Oepfershausen. About 27 years ago, Helmut Wolff, a fresh baked retiree, used nearly all of his saved money to buy a small vacation bungalow and foundet "The Art Station Oepfershausen".
Oepfershausen is a very small village in the middle of nowhere, but this nowhere is one of the most beautifully regions you can imagine - The Rhön.

The first time he was the only intructor in his little kingdom, providing "meditative painting with watercolors". His students were no great artists, rather housewives, retirees and children. It was not his vision to make great art for museums. Helmut Wolff wanted to bring happiness to the people around him and teached his students to follow the ways of their hearts with a paintbrush.

Helmut Wolff died in 2008. His dream is alive. His former students keep "The Art Station Oepfershausen" going and I am proud to be one of them.

Per year, 1500 children, teenager and adults attend 120 courses about drawing, painting, lithography, ceramics, textile design, oil painting, calligraphy, landscape art, wickerwork, wood-carving, felting, glass and many many more...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I need your help

Hello my dear friends, I am back after such a long time without posting my life and my glass projects on this blog, I can only hope you still remember me.

I was very busy creating my art between the days and nights I have to work really hard for my money. All the little critters you know are my dear creations but my dream is, to exceed with these sculptures:

And this is where I need your help. While working nearly every free minute, I have no time to create art such as this and as long as I am forced to sell my creations on markets at less than fair value simply because I am unknown to any galleries I will never have the money to participate in an international art fair of any importance.

If you want to support me, you can help me by backing this project on or with spreading the word about it on twitter, facebook...

Every supporter will recieve a unique and autographed artpiece made by me, especially for you. Maybe this will work. I still have hope.

Thank you all.