Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kids and Glass

This is my passion - working with the kids. Let them discover the unusual ways of the hot meltig glass. And as you can see, they are burning with enthusiasm.

These pictures are from Art Station Oepfershausen. About 27 years ago, Helmut Wolff, a fresh baked retiree, used nearly all of his saved money to buy a small vacation bungalow and foundet "The Art Station Oepfershausen".
Oepfershausen is a very small village in the middle of nowhere, but this nowhere is one of the most beautifully regions you can imagine - The Rhön.

The first time he was the only intructor in his little kingdom, providing "meditative painting with watercolors". His students were no great artists, rather housewives, retirees and children. It was not his vision to make great art for museums. Helmut Wolff wanted to bring happiness to the people around him and teached his students to follow the ways of their hearts with a paintbrush.

Helmut Wolff died in 2008. His dream is alive. His former students keep "The Art Station Oepfershausen" going and I am proud to be one of them.

Per year, 1500 children, teenager and adults attend 120 courses about drawing, painting, lithography, ceramics, textile design, oil painting, calligraphy, landscape art, wickerwork, wood-carving, felting, glass and many many more...


  1. What an inspirational endeavor. Working with children, and trying to expand their horizons, is an effort that everyone should do more of. We just collaborated with GlassRoots for an interactive event of art and glass and kids in Newark NJ with our designer Taf Shaefer - and it was so very rewarding to us. It was great to bring the sparkle we see in crystal art to the expressive faces of inner city children.

  2. As a child my mother used to have the most amazing glass ornaments. They were inherited from my grandmother. They don't make them like that anymore. Although, I have seen ornaments of similar beauty on this site.

  3. Wow it is truly amazing how you work with these kids. I know that as a kid that I wanted to learn how to work with glass. You need to expose kids to different forms of art as early as you can and let them even try it so they can truly appreciate art for what it is.

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  5. Collaborative activity with children helps them enhance their creativity and aesthetic skills,satisfying their individual curiosities and makes them proud of their achievements.