Monday, June 14, 2010

And this will be your next task for the June - Giveaway

Hello my friends. I am sorry I let you wait. 

But I was so tired for the last days and there is always so much to do... You choose one of my favourites, the little Dragon under the Leave. Its not only a special love I feel for this one, there is a special story too. But before I will tell you, there is a new challenge to enter and one little Dragon to win.

Write a story or a poem, make a sculpture, paint a picture or leave a comment, saying what you would do, if you where a dragon for one day...

Have fun and post it here. 
If you choose a picture or a sculpture, send it please to I will load it up for you.
The challenge ends ad midnight on June 30th. Then you all can vote for the winning post till the 10th of July.