Monday, June 14, 2010

And this will be your next task for the June - Giveaway

Hello my friends. I am sorry I let you wait. 

But I was so tired for the last days and there is always so much to do... You choose one of my favourites, the little Dragon under the Leave. Its not only a special love I feel for this one, there is a special story too. But before I will tell you, there is a new challenge to enter and one little Dragon to win.

Write a story or a poem, make a sculpture, paint a picture or leave a comment, saying what you would do, if you where a dragon for one day...

Have fun and post it here. 
If you choose a picture or a sculpture, send it please to I will load it up for you.
The challenge ends ad midnight on June 30th. Then you all can vote for the winning post till the 10th of July.


  1. The Little Red Dragon
    When he comes to play
    Always brings a flower
    To brighten up my day

    With a hop, skip and jump
    He takes into the air
    Spirals and loop-de-loops
    Effortless, all without a care!

    Alighting upon my shoulder
    He nudges under my chin
    His little nostrils tickle
    Can't help it as I break into a grin

    With my smile finally given
    He nuzzles in some more
    Laughter escapes past my lips
    And my little friend lets out a roar!

    And oops! He didn't mean to do it
    Out came a little cloud of smoke
    A good ol' puff of flames
    He got me, a good old fashioned joke!

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