Saturday, May 8, 2010

Glass Artists worldwide - Omur Duruerk

Omur Duruerk is an English philologist and glass designer. She started her flameworking career in 2005 with Julie Anne Denton in İstanbul Glass Furnace. Till then she has been working on glass beads and human figures.

Till 2006 she worked for enlivening her ideal ; having a glass studio…

In 2006 she opened Karma Design Studio with her husband Fatih Duruerk where they can create a world with all glass(using fusion, cast and flameworking techniques.)

All of the necklaces and the beads you have seen in her web page are designed and produced by Omur Duruerk. In her designs she loves using gold and silver leaves as supplementary materials inside glass beads.The beads are produced from Effetre glass rods exported from Italy Murano island.When they are arrived Karma design studio , they are melted in 1200 C degree with the flame of torch in the hands of Omur Duruerk. Now they are ready to shape… The rod can transform a woman body, bird or a bead for a necklace with the will of Omur.

Now Duruerk is working in her studio, creating new “wearable object”(one of my beloved sayings of Diana East's ) collections and teaching flameworking technique to the inclined people. She also shares her knowledge with other flameworkers in Turkey and other parts of the world.

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