Monday, May 10, 2010

Glass figurine jewelry - Little Horse - pendant

Made like all my other sculptures freeformed in a flame (a very little flame this time) with softglass from Lauscha and Murano.
The little horse is a pendant and about only 0.7 inch long.

IMPORTANT: the horses in the two pictures are already sold, but its such a time consuming an difficult thing for me to make an photo of every single object, that I decided to use these two as proxy for all the other horse pendants I make

You can of course choose your favourite colors and mail me your wishes or you can let me surprise you.
EVERY single horse is unique in color, movement and shape.
Delivery without the silverchain, but with a single sterling silver ring.

$40.00 USD

Item ships from Germany worldwide for $ 8.00 USD
every further item ships for free


FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE FOR ORDERS ABOVE USD 100 ALL YEAR ROUND ________________________________________________________________


  1. Gorgeous Horses! Beautiful work.

  2. I too think that glass is very emotional, especially when it brakes or come to life in art. Just like your horses.