Sunday, March 3, 2013

I love to flamework to this kind of music....

Oh my, I was lost and deeply in love when the first soft and vibrant melodies of a Hang reached my ear some years ago. Nothing soothes my stormy wild heart more than sitting on the bank of a little lake, swimming in the hypnotic tunes of one, two or even tree hangs at the same time while the drums are playind wildly and extatic on the other side of the lake, as I did last year in Taucha at the Ancient Trance Festival

Its still really cold outside my workshop and snow and ice everywhere. So I take this sentimental summerfeeling into my home and heart and listen to Sunny Hang while I flamework hummingbirds and butterflies and dream of warmth and light and my feet paddling in cool water. Enjoy your day in love and peace. :-)

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