Thursday, May 6, 2010

Butterflies - handcrafted glass figurines

Seven happy little butterflies made from freeformed glass with little hooles at the end of one wing to hang them up in the air. Made with love to greet spring and summer.

I use all the colors of the rainbow. The colors of your butterflies may also come as a surprise and not always as same as in the picture.

You can also choose your favourite colors and mail me your wishes.

freeformed from a masterglassblower (me :-)) in a flame, original thurigian glassart
every single piece is unique,
my work is not undestroyable but very sturdily,
overall length: about 2 inches

~Please regard, that all my work is handmade and unique, so there can be little variations in color and shape~

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  1. I love these butterfly's I saw you make these on you tube and fell in love these are amazing.