Monday, May 17, 2010

Do you know Elephant Island?

Never heard of Elephant Island? No wonder so far. Its one of these small Islands no satellite system will ever scan or recognise as important to humanity.

Only a few humans ever found out it even existed. To be precise its more kind of island chain, inhabitated by very small colorful elephants and palm trees the size of a matchstick.
The small elephants have nearly no natural enemies and so they live peacefully from the few palm leaves and fruits their islands provide, swim from island to island, visiting each other.

Life Is Beautiful. :-)

All handmade with softglass from Lauscha and Murano entirely by me.

Height about 1.18 inch.

The little elephant is free to go wherever its heart calls him and neither glued nor molten to the island.

You can also choose your favourite colors and mail me your wishes.

~Please regard, that all my work is handmade and unique, so there can be little variations in color and shape~

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  1. How do you get the flat bottom of glass?