Friday, June 4, 2010

Monthly Giveaway - A new Round - I have a Task for You :-)

Since I have as much fun with this giveaways as you have, there will be one every month and maybe sometimes a little surprise too. But I will challenge you ;-)
For now your task is very simple. 

Please visit my Etsy Shop and choose the item you would love to see as the new giveaway. 

Then come back and leave me a comment, so I know what you choose. I will post a picture of every suggested item in this post. After this weekend you can vote one from all  the suggested glass animals and figurines.
This will be our next giveaway. Next Friday I will announce the new challenge.

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Jan suggested: 

Bibi suggested:

Chaoskay1 suggested:

Dawn Ray suggested:

Happyfox suggested:

Faridah suggested:

Victoria suggested:

Missus D and ced623 suggested:

Aestraea suggested:

Kirameku suggested:

Kirschbits suggested:

Pearlfur suggested:

The poll to vote is right side next to the post at the beginning of the page.

Have Fun :-)


  1. I absolutely love the Green Blue Leaves. I have a tattoo of a tree on my back and the leaves would certainly complete the theme. You make some truly beautiful stuff and I genuinely mean that. I so hope I win! Best wishes @Chaoskay Tweeted for you too. :O)

  2. how does one choose? you have SO many beautiful items in your shop. but here's my favorite for today:
    :) Dawn

  3. I suggest this one Glas >

  4. So hard to choose, but I do have a thing about dragons and who could resist this:

  5. I love the spiral pendant - its so different from anything I've seen before. Hope I win it!

  6. that cobalt blue flying dragon--- --


  7. I love the orchid rod already chosen, but something I found that is absolutely amazing in your store is the glass pen! I never knew it existed!

  8. This pen:

    I've been playing around with dip pens and fountain pens, and this one's gorgeous!

  9. Oh geez, we really ahve to choose only one ? Hum... I would say these, although the choice is reaally hard :

    This is simply too cute ! And practical !

  10. Hallo!.. I cannot choose something else than my favorite above all favorites:

    its just that it is so much me! :D

  11. I love it all, but if I have to would be the Spiral Pendant.

    I am also having an APRON GIVEAWAY on my blog. Please check it out. Thanks Terry

  12. I adore the kingfisher

    tweeting @RedRoses4

  13. Very impressive. I like the green leaves earrings, but everything else is very interesting as well.

  14. Such beautiful delicate items. My mum works with glass (although mainly leaded and fused) so I can appreciate the time and skill taken to create such work.

    My favourite I think is the orchid hummingbird

  15. My fav is the orchid rod parrot...I love the look in his emotional link to the artist.