Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And here are the Winners.....

Good Morning Everyone,

I am late with this post, I know. I wrote another one this night for my german blog and it took quite a  while to finish. Since we had two giveaways on this blog and a blogfeature too, all ending may, 31th, I will write one post for all.

Because the Voting was a official thing, you may already know the result. Aestraea won with very very very little nose ahead of Jen.
I won too, because of all your little stories. Wormy won new friends, a place to live and more then one identity we others could be jealous about.

Congratiolations Aestraea!!! This little guy goes to you. Please send my your postal adress to Glasmagie (at) gmx.com, so I can ship him soon.

For the Blogfeature commented only four people, so this was a short tombola. Jan won. Happy day to you :-) and will get the next Blogfeature here.

And last but not least, the Butterfly-Giveaway. This was more work.

First, the participants:

made unreadable from the outside and stuffed in this glass:

this hand is my mothers, who declared her agreement to be our Lotto-Fairie this time
"Applaus Please" :-)

the excitement grows:

and the WINNER is:

Congratiolations. :-) This lovely butterfly comes to you as soon, as I know your postal adress. Please write me to Glasmagie (at) gmx.com.

I wish you all a very happy day. The next giveaway will start in a few days and you all can choose what it should be because I will start a voting in a few hours, again together with a blogfeature.
 Please come back soon :-)


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  1. congratulations Happyfox! I'm so jealous you won and I didn't..haha.

  2. Amazing things, my admiration for them!
    Gorgeous! :)

  3. your work always amazes me. One of your latest, "Dragon Love"--was just over the top!


  4. I am so happy - I absolutely love your work. Many many thanks for the competitions you run xxx